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About Kia

Kia Metzler is a third generation painter, born and raised in the PNW. Metzler's upbringing was filled with adventures with her many brothers, abundant gardens and her mothers love of nature and beauty. Her studies in pre-nursing and fascination with anatomy greatly influence her work. Metzler's creations are an inquiry into unperceived realms that underpin our interconnection. With a reverence and respect for the mysterious, Metzler constructs images that convey how we share elements with the world around us-nothing dies, it merely changes form. Her motifs and patterns are biologically inspired representing the phenomenal  intricacies she observes in the natural world. Though self taught, Metzler is influenced and inspired by a strong community of like-minded creatives. Metzler’s hope is that her art encourages others to reflect on their intrinsic relationships with the rest of the natural world.

Thank you for being here

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